Divyaa Ravichandran Sanja Stegerer

About the authors:

Sanja Stegerer is an NLP Scientist and has been with GumGum, for 3 years now.

Divyaa Ravichandran has been a Computer Vision Scientist at GumGum for the past 2 years, and has been in the field for almost 3 years now.

As machine learning engineers, the CV and NLP teams in GumGum work towards improving GumGum’s existing CV and NLP capabilities, developing solutions for new advertising campaigns and maintaining code in a production environment.
They recently (15th May 2019) presented a Meetup talk regarding a product - Verity - for brand safety that utilizes both computer vision and natural language processing  to determine if a given page url is "threatening" to brand safety in any sense. This is accomplished by contextual understanding of the text and the images on the page and combining this information to make a decision.

Below is the recording of the presentation and the meetup discussion.