Japanese Named Entity Recognition
Ansible LA Meetup: Delivering Quality Automations with Ansible, Molecule and Drone

Presentation and Meetup Discussion made by Florian Dambrine, Senior DevOps Engineer on Test-Driven Insfrastructure concepts and the use of Ansible Molecule for testing Ansible roles on Docker using Drone pipelines.

GumGum has been around for over a decade but we’ve been growing especially fast within the past two years and here comes the problem that we as well as many other growing companies are trying to address: “How do you prevent the rate of infrastructure cost growth from surpassing the rate of company growth?” 

At GumGum, we have been migrating a legacy monolithic application to a new ReactJS application. In this article, I’m going to discuss why it was important for us to introduce tests from the very beginning of development, and how we added testing for this application.

Code Duplication & Orthogonality -- eliminate one and focus on the other. In this episode of The Cat Ate My Source Code, Azam, Ben, and Collin cover the evils and benefits of these topics drawing their ideas from The Pragmatic Programmer and their experiences so far.

File Upload to S3 via Browser

In this blog, we will discuss how we can upload files directly to S3 from a browser, rather than uploading a file first to your servers and then to S3.