Chrome Browser Extensions: An Introduction

This post aims to serve as a starting point for people who want to start building Chrome Extensions. It will help you learn what they are, and why and how you may want to use them. It comes with a Chrome Extension Template to get you up and running.

This post also exists in presentation form, as an effort of GumGum's JavaScript Guild, a group of coworkers who get together to discuss and share all things JavaScript.

Code Duplication & Orthogonality -- eliminate one and focus on the other. In this episode of The Cat Ate My Source Code, Azam, Ben, and Collin cover the evils and benefits of these topics drawing their ideas from The Pragmatic Programmer and their experiences so far.

Migrating your vanilla Spring MVC project to Spring Boot

How to turn your old vanilla Spring MVC project to a Spring boot project with Spring version 5.x.x? This article will tell you why you should do it now, and what you need to modify in your old MVC project to make it Spring Boot-able.

Introducing Terraform at GumGum

At GumGum, we work completely with AWS and have more than 100+ services to build, automate, maintain, and secure.

We are used to automating most of our services using Ansible on AWS but the more services you need to manage, the harder it gets to automate everything.

Creating a Vision Solution in the Cloud - 101

A growing number of applications utilize cloud computing for execution of computer vision algorithms. In this presentation, we introduce the basics of creating a cloud-based vision service, based on GumGum's experience developing and deploying a computer vision-based service for enterprises. 

Performance matters and why you should care

The Web has evolved a lot this last decade. As developers, we have got accustomed to adding different libraries and packages to enrich our users' experience and complexity of applications. Let's dive deeper into the cost of these heavier sites, and how we can mitigate the impact.