Migrating a large Flux app to Redux without everything falling apart

This guide will help you gradually migrate a large React application from Flux to Redux without breaking any of the app's features.

Code Duplication & Orthogonality -- eliminate one and focus on the other. In this episode of The Cat Ate My Source Code, Azam, Ben, and Collin cover the evils and benefits of these topics drawing their ideas from The Pragmatic Programmer and their experiences so far.

Using Static Code Analysis to Improve Java APIs

In this blog, I detail my experience in utilizing various static code analysis tools as part of the build process for Sports API.

GumGum recently hosted Dr. Genquan Stone Duan and Andrew Pierno of WiZR at our LA Computer Vision Meetup. This presentation is an interactive exploration of WiZR's machine learning and computer vision infrastructure, which is used to provide real-time analytics for the purposes of security and surveillance.  Anyone interested in embedded machine learning and computer vision should check out this technical deep-dive. 

Ephemeral Development Environments

At GumGum we build alot of in-house web products. The development for these products follow a dev/stage/prod pipeline, but often times a single development environment is not enough. This post describes our migration to using traefik and drone to build out dynamically ephemeral preview development environments for our web products.