Florian Dambrine

Florian Dambrine is Senior DevOps Engineer @ GumGum , a Computer vision platform, dealing with a large set of technologies related to Big Data and Machine learning.

Since Florian last spoke at Ansible Los Angeles, GumGum's infrastructure has significantly evolved: dealing with more than 1000 servers, managing multiple AWS accounts in multiple regions, maintaining over 200 Ansible roles...

As a DevOps Engineer, his responsibility is to maintain the health, the stability, and the security of their growing production clusters. Florian has recently focused on breaking up the original Ansible repository into a single repository structure to enforce best practices using Ansible Molecule and CI/CD pipelines with Drone.

Florian will be covering:

* Test-Driven Infrastructure concepts
* GumGum Ansible Workflows (Building AMIs / Setting up Cluster)
* Moving away from a monolithic Ansible repository to a Ansible Galaxy like model
* Testing Ansible roles with Molecule
* Gumsible - The way GumGum runs Ansible
* Ansible role continuous integration pipelines with

Below is the recording of the presentation and the meetup discussion.


Meetup Recording: https://vimeo.com/314439402